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"Diletta Bello Espresso Machine in High Detail and Elegant Design."

Is Diletta Bello Review Worth Reading?


  • The Diletta Bello espresso machine comes in three sleek finishes and features a standardized E61 group head, with a 1.8-liter boiler and a three-liter water reservoir.
  • It heats up quickly and includes a dual pressure gauge and a quiet vibration pump.
  • The machine comes ready to use, with decent cup clearance and a convenient single spout portafilter. It offers simultaneous brewing and steaming, and a smooth steaming process thanks to the two-hole steam tip and variable flow.
  • Though it lags in some areas compared to the Rocket Apartamento, the Diletta Bello offers a solid build and excellent components, making it a well-priced alternative to consider.

Ready to elevate your home barista skills? Learn about the Diletta Bello espresso machine’s top features and outshine your coffee-loving friends at every gathering!


Key Features and Specifications of Diletta Bello

Available finishes and design

Our Diletta Bello espresso machine comes in three sleek finishes: stainless steel, powder-coated white, and powder-coated black. The matte black catches our eye with its polished E61 group head contrasted against the black surface.

Standardized E61 group head

The rock-solid E61 group head gives us a secure and comfortable feel when locking in the portafilter. Some parts may feel cheaper, like the plastic lever knob and somewhat rough metal drip tray rails.

Dimensions and boiler size

Measuring 11 inches wide, 14.5 inches tall, and 17.75 inches deep, Diletta Bello espresso machine fits well in our space. It boasts a 1.8-liter stainless steel boiler and a three-liter water reservoir, accessible through a hinged lid.

Dual pressure gauge

Our machine heats up in about 15 minutes and features a handy dual pressure gauge. This enables us to check both boiler pressure and pump pressure with ease.

Vibration pump

The vibration pump, mounted on rubber mounts, is quiet compared to other pumps. We enjoy a peaceful espresso-making experience.

Factory settings and usability

Diletta Bello is an entry-level machine, ready to use as it runs at nine bars from the factory. It is a heat exchanger machine without PID control, needing temperature surfing for consistency. Once we establish our routine, the machine performs well, making us great espresso.

The single spout portafilter offers a very convenient option for brewing. There is also good cup clearance, giving us enough room for a scale and shot glass. Steaming performance is strong, thanks to a two-hole steam tip and variable steam flow. Diletta Bello can brew and steam at the same time, speeding up our workflow.

All in all, the Diletta Bello espresso machine is a stylish, well-performing, and fairly-priced alternative to the Rocket Apartamento. It has some areas where it lags, like the drip tray finishing and the plastic lever, but it also excels in other aspects, such as the stunning design and the metal cup rail.

Performance and Usability

Let’s dive into Diletta Bello’s key aspects of performance and usability.

Temperature consistency and the need for temperature surfing

The Bello is a heat exchanger espresso machine without PID control. To get consistent temperatures, we must do temperature surfing. Once we establish a routine, our espresso shines.

Brewing capability and performance

Coming from the factory at nine bars, the Bello is ready for use straight away. When a routine is in place, the machine brews great coffee with a smooth E61 experience.

Steaming performance and steam tip

Steaming is a strong point for the Bello. The two-hole steam tip and a variable steam flow through the knob ensure a fast and smooth steaming process.

Simultaneous brewing and steaming

The Bello can handle brewing and steaming at the same time, which speeds up our workflow, making it perfect for busy mornings or hosting gatherings.

Cup clearance and portafilter options

This machine offers good cup clearance with enough room for a scale and shot glass. The single spout portafilter is a convenient option for getting the perfect shot.

Diletta Bello vs Rocket Apartamento

Appearance wise, the Bello competes with the Rocket Apartamento and might even surpass it. This well-priced machine boasts good quality and offers an enjoyable user experience. While it lags behind the Rocket in some areas like the drip tray finishing, it wins in others, like the metal cup rail.

In summary, the Diletta Bello excels in brewing and steaming performance, offering simultaneous brewing and steaming, good cup clearance, and a satisfying E61 experience. With a proper temperature surfing routine, this stylish and well-built machine can be an outstanding alternative to the Rocket Apartamento.

Build Quality and Design

When we first saw the Diletta Bello espresso machine, we were struck by its stylish design. With three finishes to choose from, we were drawn to the matte black version. The polished E61 group head gave a stark contrast, making it truly eye-catching.

One feature we loved was the solid feel when locking in the portafilter. This is all thanks to the standardized E61 group head on this machine. The build material and construction are sturdy, giving us confidence in the machine’s durability.

The drip tray is a standard design, but we noticed the metal rails underneath the tray could be smoother. This is a small detail, but it’s something we hope Diletta Bello improves on in future models.

Comparing the build quality with the Rocket Appartamento, one of the Diletta Bello’s main competitors, we found some areas where the Bello didn’t quite measure up. The plastic on the brew lever and rough metal rails were two examples. However, the Bello offers a solid build and excellent components, so these differences didn’t outweigh the overall quality.

In terms of size and fit, the Diletta Bello is compact, with dimensions of 11 inches wide, 14.5 inches tall, and 17.75 inches deep. The 1.8-liter stainless steel boiler and three-liter water reservoir ensure that we have enough capacity to make plenty of espresso drinks.

With a heat-up time of around 15 minutes, we found that the machine was ready to use quickly. The dual pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressure is a helpful feature. We also appreciated the quiet operation of the vibration pump, which is mounted on rubber mounts.

Overall, we found the Diletta Bello espresso machine to be a solid, well-built, and aesthetically pleasing addition to our coffee-making arsenal. While there are some areas that could be improved, the quality and performance make it a fantastic alternative to the Rocket Appartamento.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Diletta Bello espresso machine.


  • The design is stylish and well-built, making it a great addition to any kitchen.
  • The standardized E61 group head offers a rock-solid locking-in feeling, which makes using the machine feel intuitive.
  • The dual pressure gauge lets us monitor both boiler and pump pressure, ensuring optimal performance.
  • The quiet vibration pump is a welcome feature, reducing noise in our kitchens.
  • The Bello comes running at nine bars from the factory, so it’s ready for us to use right away.
  • Once we establish a routine, this machine shines, making great espresso with ease.
  • With a single spout portafilter, the machine gives us a convenient option to brew our coffee.
  • The cup clearance is great, letting us fit a scale and a shot glass with no problems.
  • Strong steaming performance is assured, thanks to the two-hole steam tip and variable steam flow.
  • We can brew our espresso and steam milk at the same time, speeding up our workflow.
  • Compared to the Rocket Appartamento, the Bello is a good-looking, well-priced alternative.


  • The Bello has a few areas that feel cheaper than more expensive machines, but the overall build quality is still excellent.
  • The hinged lid on the water reservoir may cause issues for those with low overhead cabinets.
  • Temperature surfing is required to get consistent temperatures, although this is manageable with practice.
  • Some aspects of the Bello’s build quality are a bit behind the Rocket Appartamento (e.g., the drip tray finishing and plastic on the lever), but it still offers a solid user experience overall.

In summary, the Diletta Bello espresso machine is an excellent entry-level option, offering a stylish design and strong performance. Though it has some minor drawbacks compared to higher-priced machines, it’s a well-priced alternative worth considering.


So there you have it, a rundown of the key features and specifications of the glorious Diletta Bello espresso machine. By now, you should be feeling confident and ready to create your perfect coffee experience. Remember to always follow the advice of this blog and get the most out of your machine. With consistent temperature, good steaming performance, and stylish design, you can surely make a fantastic coffee. So go ahead [Avatar], don’t be afraid to show off your brewing skills and enjoy your coffee time in your own comfortable home.

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