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"Founder of Black Rifle Coffee stands proudly in front of bustling roastery."

Is Black Rifle Coffee Your Next Choice?


  • Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-owned company founded by Green Beret veteran Evan Hafer in 2014 with a mission to support veterans and first responders in the US.
  • They offer high-caffeine coffee in various roasts, blends, and formats.
  • Black Rifle Coffee has navigated controversies and public perception well, showing its clear stands, strong social media use, and focus on its mission.
  • The company has programs and initiatives for veterans, collaborations with other veteran-owned businesses, and charitable contributions and funding to aid military personnel and their families.
  • Black Rifle Coffee offers cool merchandise, collaborates with sports teams and celebrities, and has plans for future expansion.

Dive into the world of Black Rifle Coffee, a unique brand with bold flavors and a deep mission. Unveil its secrets, controversies, and unstoppable growth.

Black Rifle Coffee Company Overview

Do you know who owns Black Rifle Coffee? It’s a veteran owned company! Evan Hafer, a Green Beret, founded Black Rifle Coffee in 2014. Evan is also the CEO of the company.

Black Rifle Coffee has a clear focus: supporting veterans and first-responders in the United States. The company’s story began with a simple desire to offer something special to those who protect our freedoms.

The staff and leadership of Black Rifle Coffee make it a great company. Many employees are veterans or first-responders themselves. As a veteran-owned company, their corporate structure is tailored to support their mission.

Now let’s answer some questions from the Question Cluster. So who owns the company? Evan Hafer, a Green Beret veteran, is the founder and owner. When was it started? The company was founded in 2014. Its success is a result of its dedication to its mission of helping veterans and first-responders.

The Black Rifle Coffee Experience

Are you craving a strong cup of coffee? Black Rifle Coffee offers a caffeine boost for those who want more. Their unique coffee has more caffeine than regular coffee. Each roast type has a different amount of caffeine. For example, their dark roast has around 200 mg of caffeine per cup.

You can enjoy a range of blend varieties and flavor profiles. Choose from fruity or nutty flavors, or opt for a smoky taste. You can also select bagged coffee or K-cups. These options work with various coffee makers.

To brew the perfect cup of Black Rifle Coffee, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right grind for your coffee maker;
  2. Use fresh, cold water;
  3. Measure the coffee and water ratio (2 tablespoons for 6 ounces of water);
  4. Allow water to heat up to 195-205°F;
  5. Pour water over the coffee grounds and give it a stir;
  6. Enjoy your cup of powerful coffee.

If you visit a Black Rifle Coffee shop, say in San Antonio, you will notice a unique brand experience. You can meet veterans and first responders, who are often at these shops. Engage in conversations while sipping your high-caffeine coffee.

In summary, Black Rifle Coffee has a strong, bold flavor with extra caffeine. Choose from various roasts, blends, and formats. Brew it at home or visit their coffee shops to experience their unique brand. Treat yourself to a potent, flavorsome coffee while supporting veterans and first-responders. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Controversies and Public Opinion

Black Rifle Coffee has faced some high profile political controversies, like the Kyle Rittenhouse case and Texas school shooter event. These events drew social media attention and were covered by outlets like the New York Times. So, what is the Black Rifle Coffee stock controversy all about? It centers on the company’s involvement in politically charged cases, putting politics and coffee in the same frame.

Despite being mentioned in these cases, Black Rifle Coffee has shown its focus on handling controversies and public relations quite well. They have clarified their stance, maintaining a loyal customer base. The company’s impact on its brand has been mostly positive, as they navigate public perception and news coverage with grace.

In addition to their controversies, Black Rifle Coffee has a strong social media presence. They use these platforms to engage with customers and share their love for good coffee and supporting veterans. Their online presence helps shape public opinion in a better light, creating a transparency that customers appreciate.

People who love Black Rifle Coffee often wonder what the most popular dishes here are. While the primary focus of the company is brewing high-quality coffee, some customers love pairing it with dishes like breakfast tacos or pastries. These food items complement the robust flavor profiles of the coffee, making for a satisfying experience.

Black Rifle Coffee navigates controversies and public opinion with resilience. Their clear stances, strong social media use, and focus on their mission have helped them maintain a positive image. As a result, even with some setbacks, the company has successfully built a strong brand that resonates with coffee lovers and veterans alike.

Supporting Veterans and Active Duty Military

Does Black Rifle Coffee support the troops? Is it military-owned? You bet! They stand by their pledge to help active duty military, military veterans, and law enforcement. Let’s dive into the ways they show their support.

Programs and initiatives for veterans

Black Rifle Coffee is dedicated to aiding military veterans. They create jobs, offer training, and provide support for those who served our nation. This helps military personnel adjust to civilian life.

Collaborations with other veteran-owned companies

Working with fellow veteran-run businesses is a win-win. Black Rifle Coffee partners with those who share their mission. These efforts bring revenue and support to such enterprises, making a real impact on veterans’ lives.

Support for active duty military and law enforcement

Actively backing military personnel doesn’t stop with veterans. Black Rifle Coffee extends their care to active duty military and law enforcement. Their support is unwavering.

Charitable contributions and funding

Black Rifle Coffee’s commitment goes beyond creating alliances. They make a difference with their charitable efforts, too. A portion of their revenue goes to non-profit organizations, directly helping military personnel and their families.

Advocacy for military personnel

Finally, the heart of Black Rifle Coffee lies in their advocacy. They use their platform to champion military causes and raise awareness. Ending the stigma and offering resources are just a few ways they use their influence for good.

Expanding the Black Rifle Coffee Brand

Exploring franchising opportunities

Opening a Black Rifle Coffee franchise might sound tempting. However, no clear info is available. You’d need to contact the coffee company to get details on costs and franchise support.

The role of investors in the company’s growth

Investors play a vital role in Black Rifle Coffee’s growth. They provide funds which aid in expansion. But, specific investor names aren’t public.

Merchandise and lifestyle brand expansion

The brand isn’t just premium coffee. They offer cool merchandise too. Shirts, hats, and even beard oil are available. This move aims to create a lifestyle brand beyond coffee.

Collaborations with sports teams and celebrities

The coffee company has joined forces with the Dallas Cowboys. They’re now the team’s official coffee. This major partnership raises their profile. They’ve also teamed up with notable celebrities. This helps them reach new customers and gain trust.

Future expansion plans

With a chief marketing officer on board, the sky’s the limit. Imagine Black Rifle Coffee shops across the United States. They could become a household name, standing proudly next to other big coffee brands. Soon, everyone might know and love Black Rifle Coffee.


You are now more than just a coffee drinker, you are part of a mission. Black Rifle Coffee Company has DARED to be different. Their unique story and veteran-owned mission focus make for a powerful purpose-driven brand that stands above the rest. Don’t be shy, try their different roasts and unique flavors. Brewing the perfect cup is easier than you think. From supporting military personnel and law enforcement to their successful collaborations with sports teams and celebrities, Black Rifle Coffee Company is a unique brand experience that will change your coffee drinking habits forever.

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