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"Hario Coffee Grinder: Skerton Pro in action, creating the perfect grind."

Is Hario Coffee Grinder Worth Your Money?


  • Hario Skerton Pro has improved burst stability for a consistent grind
  • Large hopper and glass bowl hold 60g and 100g respectively
  • The grinder features stepped grind settings for a consistent grind
  • The Skerton Pro has a range of grind sizes perfect for filter-style brewing
  • The grinder is lightweight and perfect for travel and camping
  • The Skerton Pro is easy to clean and maintain
  • Pros: improved burst stability, large hopper, reinforced grinder body, ceramic conical burrs, spring keeps burrs stable, portable, easy to clean
  • Cons: stepped grind settings may be limiting.

Get ready, home baristas! Elevate your coffee game with the Hario Skerton Pro coffee grinder. This versatile tool offers improved features that guarantee a consistent grind, making every sip more enjoyable. Say goodbye to subpar coffee and start impressing friends with your newfound knowledge!

Hario Skerton Pro Design and Features

We love the Skerton Pro for its improved burst stability. This gives us a more consistent grind that’s perfect for our coffee. The grinder’s body has additional flares which offer extra support to counter twist and torque while grinding. The Skerton Pro uses ceramic conical burrs that stay sharp for a long time. You can trust your grinder to make fresh coffee every day, without fail.

We’re amazed by the hopper’s design and capacity. It holds up to 60 grams of coffee beans, twice the amount of most hand grinders. This means we don’t have to stop and refill as often. We can grind more coffee, faster.

When it comes to the glass bowl, it doesn’t disappoint. It’s made from Hario’s famous durable glass, so it’ll resist breaks and scratches. The non-slip cover keeps the coffee grinder steady while we get our grind on.

The grounds catcher can hold up to 100 grams, letting us prepare coffee for a big group, or just for ourselves. Its design is compact and light, so taking it with us on camping trips is a breeze.

Our manual coffee grinder is a dream to clean and maintain. Unscrewing the adjustment nut and holding the burrs in place makes it simple. In short, the Skerton Pro is a great addition to any coffee lover’s arsenal.

Hario Skerton Pro Grind Adjustment and Range

The Hario Skerton Pro offers stepped grind settings that allow us to easily adjust the grind size. This new feature in the Skerton Pro helps us achieve a more consistent grind.

Changing the grind setting is both easy and convenient on the Skerton Pro. We can quickly find the perfect grind size for our preferred coffee brewing methods, from mocha pot to French press.

The Skerton Pro can produce a range of grind sizes that are perfect for filter style coffee brewing methods. With its stepped grind settings, we can enjoy a consistent grind no matter the brewing method.

The grinder’s improved burst stability ensures a consistent grind every time. This is perfect for us, as we want the best-tasting coffee with each brewing session. With the Skerton Pro, our coffee will be just the way we want it!

Hario Skerton Pro Capacity and Portability

The Skerton Pro has a big 60-gram hopper that can hold lots of coffee beans. This is twice as big as most hand grinders, which is great for us. We also love the large 100-gram grounds catcher, made from Hario’s famous durable glass.

This manual coffee grinder is lightweight and compact, weighing under 500 grams. It’s perfect for taking on trips or camping, so we can enjoy freshly-ground coffee anywhere. Its size and weight make it easy to carry around and use at home too.

When we use the hand grinder, the reinforced grinder body and ceramic conical burrs give us a consistent and even grind. This is because the added flares help control twisting and torquing during grinding. Plus, the burr stays sharp for a long time, so we don’t have to change it often.

We are happy that this grinder gives us many grind sizes, perfect for brewing different types of filter coffee. It ranges from mocha pot all the way up to French press, giving us a lot of options. The spring pushing against the burrs keeps them stable and makes sure our grind is uniform.

Cleaning the Skerton Pro is a breeze, as we just need to unscrew the adjustment nut and hold the burrs in place. This makes maintenance and repeat use simple, which is perfect for busy coffee lovers like us.

The Hario Skerton Pro is a versatile, manual coffee grinder that does a great job grinding coffee beans for home use or on-the-go adventures. With its increased capacity and portability, it’s the ideal companion for coffee enthusiasts who want a reliable and consistent grind.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the best things about the Hario Skerton Pro is how easy it is to clean and maintain. The simple process to disassemble the grinder for cleaning ensures that repeat use will not lead to buildup of coffee oils and residue. This straightforward approach means we can keep our grinder in tip-top shape with minimal effort.

The Skerton Pro features low maintenance ceramic conical burrs that remain sharp over time. These burrs are durable and resistant to wear, making them ideal for long-term use. We can brew our coffee with confidence knowing that our grinder can stand the test of time.

In addition to its low maintenance burrs, the Hario Skerton Pro boasts a durable design for extended use. The reinforced grinder body with additional flares counteracts twisting and torting during grinding, ensuring consistent results with every brew. This makes the Skerton Pro perfect for our daily coffee routines, and we can enjoy great-tasting coffee with ease.

Pros and Cons of the Hario Skerton Pro

As coffee enthusiasts, we want the best grinder to create the perfect coffee experience. Here, we dive into the pros and cons of the Hario Skerton Pro.


  • The Skerton Pro offers improved burst stability, delivering a more consistent grind — exactly what we coffee lovers demand.
  • With a 60-gram capacity, the larger hopper holds twice the beans of most hand grinders.
  • A reinforced grinder body handles twisting and prevents wear on the shaft.
  • The grinder uses ceramic conical burrs that stay sharp over time, so your coffee is never bitter.
  • The Skerton Pro can produce a wide range of grind sizes, ideal for filter style brewing.
  • A spring keeps the burrs stable, ensuring consistent grinding without movement.
  • While weighing under 500 grams, the Skerton Pro is portable and perfect for travel and camping.
  • It’s very easy to clean and maintain, making it a great investment for manual grinder fans.


  • The biggest drawback is the stepped grind settings, which some may find limiting.

With these points in mind, the Hario Skerton Pro is a great option for coffee enthusiasts who value a consistent grind and portability. Check out your new Hario grinder today!


Congratulations on finishing the article! You’ve just mastered the Hario Skerton Pro Design and its features. With such a durable and reliable manual coffee grinder in your hands, you can make the best coffee of your life. Don’t be afraid to try grinding different coffee beans and experiment with different brewing methods. You may surprise yourself with the results! Our final advice is to maintain and clean your Hario Skerton Pro regularly to ensure long-lasting use. Now go forth and enjoy your cup of freshly ground coffee – you deserve it!

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