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Is Kicking Horse Coffee Your Next Choice?


  • Kicking Horse Coffee is a Canadian brand owned by Lavazza
  • It is certified organic and fair trade
  • The production process includes mountain-roasting with high-quality, ethically-sourced Arabica beans
  • There are several blends available with unique flavor profiles, including Kick Ass, Three Sisters, and Cliff Hanger Espresso
  • The brand offers both whole bean and pre-ground options, and can be paired with various foods and beverages
  • Tips for brewing and enjoying Kicking Horse Coffee include following ideal coffee-to-water ratios and investing in quality coffee-making accessories

Discover the rich flavors and eco-friendly values of Kicking Horse Coffee, a Canadian gem that's sweeping the world of home baristas seeking ethical, organic, and downright irresistible brews.

Kicking Horse Coffee

Get ready for a coffee adventure with this Canadian gem, Kicking Horse Coffee. So, what makes it stand out from the crowd?

Who is Kicking Horse Coffee owned by?

Kicking Horse Coffee is a proudly Canadian brand, owned by Lavazza, Italy's favorite coffee company. Discover how this blend gets its unique flavor!

Where is Kicking Horse Coffee from?

Born in the Canadian Rockies, this coffee brand showcases rich and bold taste profiles. Now let's dive into their organic and fair trade journey.

What about certified organic and fair trade coffee?

Kicking Horse Coffee prides itself on being certified organic and fair trade. This means you get top-quality coffee beans while also helping the planet and workers.

How are ethical and sustainable sourcing practices important?

Kicking Horse Coffee's ethical approach ensures happy farmers and a healthy environment. They produce coffee that's kind to the earth and supports local communities.

What's special about their production and roasting process?

Every bean gets roasted in the Rocky Mountains, which seals in its unique flavor. This mountain-roasted process creates a taste you won't find anywhere else!

Relish in a flavorful cup knowing that Kicking Horse Coffee is dedicated to creating specialty blends with the finest organic coffee beans available.

Get ready to impress your taste buds and make a difference with every sip of Kicking Horse Coffee. Cheers to ethical, organic, and absolutely delicious coffee!

What sets Kicking Horse Coffee blends apart?

Discover why Kicking Horse Coffee stands out from the rest! In this section, we'll dive deep into the unique elements that make their coffee truly exceptional.

How does Kicking Horse Coffee compare to other brands?

Kicking Horse triumphs with their premium-quality, ethically-sourced Arabica beans that offer distinct and bold flavors. You'll find popular blends like Kick Ass, Three Sisters, and Cliff Hanger Espresso, to name a few.

What kinds of beans are used in Kicking Horse Coffee blends?

Kicking Horse Coffee embraces high-quality, Arabica coffee beans sourced from various regions worldwide. Each blend boasts its subtle and unique notes, making every sip enjoyable.

What is the process of mountain roasting?

Mountain roasting is a vital step that sets Kicking Horse Coffee apart. It involves roasting beans at high elevations, ensuring a consistent and well-rounded taste in every cup of Kick-Ass coffee. This process results in rich, delicious flavor profiles.

Dark roast vs medium roast: which is better?

It's all about personal preference! Dark roast coffee offers a bold, robust flavor with a toasty finish, while medium roast coffee delivers a smoother, well-balanced taste. No matter your choice, Kicking Horse Coffee lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.

What are the flavor profiles of the different blends?

Each blend has its unique characteristics. Kick Ass packs a punch with smoky, dark flavors, while Three Sisters offers a harmonious blend of medium and dark roasts. Cliff Hanger Espresso stuns with its smooth, chocolaty notes. Explore Kicking Horse Coffee's range and find your perfect match!

Whole bean coffee vs pre-ground coffee: which should you choose?

Opt for whole bean coffee to experience ultimate freshness and control over your grind size. But if convenience is what you seek, pre-ground coffee is a wonderful and hassle-free choice. Choose wisely, as every decision impacts your overall coffee experience.

How do you make the perfect espresso with Kicking Horse Coffee?

Unleash the true potential of Kicking Horse espresso beans with precise grinding, proper water temperature, and quality equipment. Don't forget to indulge in every sip, and let it elevate your senses!

What can you pair Kicking Horse Coffee with?

Kicking Horse Coffee's versatile range complements various food and beverages. From your morning toast to a lavish dessert, every bite is enhanced with their exceptional coffee. Experiment with different combinations to enjoy an unforgettable experience!

How can you enjoy and make the most of your Kicking Horse Coffee experience?

To savor each sip of Kicking Horse Coffee, explore different ways to enjoy it. Let's dive into some tips and techniques!

What's the Kicking Horse Café experience like?

Visiting the Kicking Horse Café in Invermere is a must! A cozy spot to taste various blends, sip espresso, and indulge in tasty treats. You'll feel right at home.

How do you properly brew Kicking Horse Coffee?

Follow these coffee brewing tips to make the perfect cup at home:

  • Use fresh, cold water
  • Use the ideal coffee-to-water ratio
  • Brew between 195°F-205°F

Now let's learn how to grind and store your beans.

How should you grind and store Kicking Horse Coffee beans?
Choosing the right grind size is essential. Fine grind for espresso, medium for drip, and coarse for French press. Invest in a good grinder and store your beans in a cool, dark place.

What are the best coffee-making techniques?

Master these coffee making techniques to impress your guests:

  1. Drip coffee maker
  2. French press
  3. Espresso machine
  4. AeroPress
  5. Pour-over

Try them all and find your favorite method!

What kind of coffee is in Kicking Horse Coffee?

Kicking Horse Coffee offers an array of flavors, with Arabica beans sourced ethically. You can pick from dark roast, medium roast, and espresso blends.

How do you serve and enjoy Kicking Horse Coffee in different ways?

Get creative and sip your coffee in new ways:

  • Savor black or add milk for a richer taste
  • Create latte art
  • Try iced coffee on a hot day
  • Pair with a pastry or dessert

The possibilities are endless!

How do you choose the best coffee accessories?

Equip yourself with top-notch coffee accessories:

  • Grinder
  • Measuring spoon
  • Scale
  • Quality-filter
  • Coffee maker

These tools elevate your coffee experience to another level!

Now it's time to brew, taste and enjoy waking up and kicking ass with Kicking Horse Coffee. Cheers!


Kicking Horse Coffee is not your average coffee brand. As evident from the blog post, their coffee is certified organic and fair trade, their sourcing practices are ethical and sustainable, and they have a range of unique and delicious flavor profiles to choose from. We encourage you to follow the blog advice and try their coffee for yourself to experience the exceptional taste and quality. By doing this, not only will you be making better coffee, but you will also be supporting a Canadian brand that cares about the environment and their workers. Overall, we hope this blog post has expanded your knowledge about coffee and provided insights into the world of specialty coffee. Enjoy every sip and kick-start your mornings!

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