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Is Customizing Starbucks Orders Easy?


  • To customize Starbucks orders, begin by choosing your base drink and picking from 4 sizes.
  • Adjust caffeine levels with extra or fewer espresso shots or by opting for decaf.
  • Adding flavors and syrups can turn a simple drink into a work of art.
  • You can customize coffee and espresso drinks by adjusting the strength, choosing the right milk, and selecting espresso shots for lattes and mochas. You can add seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice by requesting a syrup pump.
  • Frappuccinos, Refreshers, and teas can be customized by swapping flavors and mix-ins or requesting unique Pink Drinks.
  • Toppings and extras like whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and cinnamon dolce can enhance your drink.
  • To customize your Starbucks order through the app, pick your base drink, choose your size, and tap on the ‘+’ symbols to see the customization options.
  • Starbucks Rewards members can earn points on purchases to redeem for free drinks, which can also be customized.
  • When customizing a drink in person, communicate clearly with the barista by stating your drink size and base first, followed by any modifications and extras.

Become a Starbucks pro by mastering the art of customizing orders! Discover secret drinks and create a personalized coffee experience that’ll wow friends and make every sip a caffeinated delight. Ready to dive in? Let’s begin!

Understanding Starbucks Drink Customization Options

Master the art of customizing Starbucks orders by knowing your options. A personalized drink can make your day more special. You can tailor a Starbucks drink in so many ways. The best customized drinks are built with creativity, skill, and love.

Basics of Customizing a Starbucks Drink

Begin by choosing your base drink. A hot or iced latte is classic. A frappuccino or a non-coffee drink might be your thing. The choice is yours.

Custom Beverage Sizing

You can pick from 4 drink sizes. Tall is small, Grande is medium, and Venti is large. Want something smaller? Try a Short.

Adjusting Caffeine Levels

Take control of your drink’s kick. Get more caffeine with an extra espresso shot or two. You can also scale it down by asking for fewer shots or opting for decaf.

Adding Flavors and Syrups

Let your senses guide you. The wide array of flavors and syrups can turn a simple drink into a work of art. Are you ordering on the app or in the store? Both options are great. So, mix and match until you find the perfect blend.

Coffee and Espresso Customizations

Fancy your coffee with a little hint of spice? You can perfect your coffee’s strength and taste using these simple tips.

Perfecting your coffee’s strength: Want a stronger coffee? Ask for an extra scoop of grounds, or a “strong” brew. For a lighter taste, request fewer grounds or a “mild” brew.

Choosing the right milk for your latte: Milk options seem endless: whole, nonfat, soy, almond, oat, and coconut. Find your favorite to make your latte extra special.

Adjusting espresso shots in lattes and mochas: Give your latte or caffè mocha an energy boost by adding extra espresso shots. For a mellower buzz, try a “solo” shot instead of the usual double.

Fancy a new flavor? Try seasonal options like pumpkin spice by requesting a syrup pump. Now you can savor a hint of autumn in your drink.

Will there be room for cream in your regular coffee with mocha syrup? Yes, just ask your barista for extra room, and they will gladly accommodate. Your custom coffee is just a few easy tweaks away. Enjoy every sip knowing you unlocked the secret to the perfect brew.

Creative Customizations with Frappuccinos, Refreshers, and Teas

Want a fun drink twist? Try customizing Frappuccinos, Refreshers, and teas. Swap flavors and mix-ins or request unique Pink Drinks.

Customizing Frappuccinos with flavors and add-ins

Make crème Frappuccino your own. Add various syrups, fruit purees or extra shots of espresso. Or, mix in cookie crumbles or chocolate chips.

Unique Pink Drink and Ombre Pink Drink requests

To order the Ombre Pink Drink, ask for the cool lime Starbucks Refresher, a splash of coconut milk and a hint of passion tango tea.

For blended Pink Drink, order the strawberry acai refresher and coconut milk, then request it blended like a Frappuccino.

Tweaking Starbucks Refreshers

Switch up a strawberry acai refresher by swapping water with coconut milk, lemonade or green tea. Adjust sweetness by adding more syrup or sweetener.

Personalizing iced teas and lemonades

Ordering passion tango tea? Adjust the taste by adding more syrup, or try poured over apple juice for a fruity twist. Create your blend using various tea types and sweeteners.

Enhancing Your Drink with Toppings and Extras

Let’s talk about toppings and extras that can take your Starbucks drink to the next level. You’ll discover how whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and cinnamon dolce add a touch of magic to your order.

Step 1: Customize whipped cream. Ask for different flavors of whipped cream or even make it dairy-free with coconut milk. The options are endless and will give your drink a special touch.

Step 2: Drizzle on the flavor. Adding caramel drizzle to your frappuccino or latte adds a rich, sweet taste. Feel free to try other sauces on your drink to find your perfect mix.

Step 3: Spice up your order with cinnamon dolce. A sprinkle of cinnamon dolce on top of your drink will make it extra cozy and inviting. Don’t be shy to ask for other spices if you want variety.

Step 4: Try new milk foam and sweet cream. Swap out regular milk foam for coconut milk foam or add vanilla sweet cream to your iced coffee. These little changes can make all the difference in your drink.

Now, let’s answer some questions. To customize your Starbucks order on the app, browse the menu, pick your base drink, choose your size, and tap on the ‘+’ symbols to see the customization options. Adjust your drink to your liking and enjoy.

As for the name misspellings at Starbucks, everyone’s bound to have their name misspelled at least once. But, rest assured, it won’t affect the taste of your customized drink.

In summary, enhancing your Starbucks drink with toppings and extras can make your coffee experience exciting and full of flavor. Customize whipped cream options, add drizzles and sauces, sprinkle some cinnamon dolce, and try alternative milk foam and sweet cream toppings. Don’t hesitate to experiment and find your ideal combination.

Customizing drinks in the Starbucks App

To customize your drink on the Starbucks app, first, choose your base drink. Next, tap the drink and select “Customize” to see your options. Adjust size, milk type, syrup or sugar options, and more to tailor your drink to your taste.

Ordering through delivery services like Uber Eats

Wondering if Starbucks delivers in your area? Check by opening the Uber Eats app and search for the closest Starbucks. Make your custom drink by following the available options, and enjoy a delicious treat delivered right to your door.

Utilizing Starbucks Rewards for custom orders

Are you part of the Starbucks Rewards program? If not, sign up now! You can earn points on purchases to redeem for free drinks, which you can also customize. Plus, enjoy a free birthday treat on that special day.

Communicating customizations effectively to baristas

When customizing a drink in person, be clear when talking to your Starbucks barista. State your drink size and base first, followed by any modifications like milk type or syrup. Finish with extras such as whipped cream or spices. This clear communication will help your barista make the perfect drink for you.


You have now mastered the art of customizing your Starbucks drinks! You know how to choose your base drink, adjust the caffeine level, add flavors and syrups, and manage your rewards. Your coffee will never be the same! Follow this guide, try new combinations, and don’t shy away from experimenting. Remember to be kind to your barista, be precise with your order, and always check your drink before leaving. Enjoy your customized drinks and share your experience with your friends. You got this!

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